Monthly Archives: February 2015

Long Taxi Line at SFO

Lately at SFO a long line of taxis has been observed trying to get into the airport. This long line is an indicator of very slow business and the drivers have to wait much longer for an airport fare. This is caused by winter weather and inevitable interference it causes for flight schedules and UBER, […]

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Traffic Affecting Rates !

Traffic in Silicon Valley is now out of control during rush hour. Marsh Road which runs through Menlo Park and Atherton is a major commute route. It ends at Middlefield Road in Atherton. To get from HIghway 101 and Marsh to Marsh and Middlefield took 40 minutes on a Friday morning. Normally this takes five […]

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Dress for Success


F. Murray Abraham, a very good actor delivered an unforgettable line in a movie. He was talking to the Mobster Lucky Luciano. He said Lucky would never make any money because he dressed like a schmuck.If you look at photos of Americans strolling in the streets of any major city in the 1940s or 1930s […]

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Unprofessional Appearence

“Nothing can depress public good will more than slovenly staff or slovenly quarters.” ┬áNot many Americans know where this quote comes from. L. Ron Hubbard, the Scientology founder used it when referring to his church officers interfacing with the public. We have to look no farther than our own President of the United States and […]

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