Chauffeuring at Stanford University

Stanford University has the highest academic standards of any university on the west coast. In a recent college publication Stanford University ranked number one in business, number three in Physics and engineering and number three in law. The Stanford university faculty lived predominately on campus or in Palo Alto. The school is named after Leland Stanford Junior, the only son of the Stanford’s and the only heir. When he died of Typhoid fever in Europe at age 15, Mrs. Stanford poured her heart and soul into Stanford University. The memorial church located at the center of the campus bears his memory on the archway to the church entrance. Stanford University is a great location for a wedding for this reason. The list of Stanford university alumni is impressive indeed ! The biggest soccer match of the century was held during the world cup at Stanford University when Brazil defeated the U.S. team 1-0. Stanford university Football, basketball, tennis , baseball and swimming are things of legend ! Atherton Coach provides service for many faculty and board members of the Stanford University community.

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