Chauffeuring in Palo Alto

Palo Alto California boasts a great university, great restaurants, great shopping and wonderful neighborhoods. Palo Alto schools are famous statewide for high academic standards. The Spanish founders has a sense of humor when they gave Palo Alto it’s name. a tall tree with almost no branches sticks straight up in the sky. This tall stick can be seen for miles. Palo Alto simply means “tall stick ” A tour of Palo Alto includes Stanford University and the memorial church at the center of the campus.
In the hills to the west, a large acreage called Foothills Park is owned and maintained by the City of Palo Alto to be used by Palo Alto residents only. The Palo Alto Hills and Country club is located about 2 miles west of the actual community of Palo Alto. The City of Palo Alto has over one thousand species of trees, the majority planted by George Hood, a loyal employee of the city for many years. Houses in Palo Alto are very pricey as a testimonial as to the desirability of living there. Culturally Palo Alto has both a cultural center,where art and music are to be found as well as a community theatre where musicals and theatre are performed. There is an art and wine festival there every year ! Atherton Coach provides service for residents of and visitors to Palo Alto every day. Not to mention Palo Alto is the hometown of the founder of Atherton Coach !

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