Crackdown !!! How many people properly fit in a limousine ?

Today at San Francisco Airport massive inspections were held unannounced by the P.U.C., Highway Patrol and the Airport Police. They were looking for any violation at all in response to the fatal fire and 5 deaths on the San Mateo Bridge the 4th of May. We will take this opportunity to educate our public on the subject of passenger capacity. A ten passenger limousine has 9 seat belts in the back behind the partition and the 10th is in the front seat with the driver. Usually this car has been stretched 120 inches. This means legally this is in reality an 8 passenger car. During prom season this year, we haver turned down about a dozen families who insisted in packing 10 children into such a car. Piling on might seem like a party like, exciting and a festive time, but in reality the lives of the passengers and the survival of the limousine company are both being put at risk. If you the public need a car for more than 8 persons, expect to pay a much higher price indeed. These larger vehicles are expensive, the chauffeurs who operate them have special drivers licenses and if a school activity like a prom is involved about 100 hours of special training and about $ 4,000.00 cost is required for this special license. It is the same license a school bus driver is required to have. Our advice to all the families who are involved in the high school proms is to keep the passenger list at eight !

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