Dress for Success

F. Murray Abraham, a very good actor delivered an unforgettable line in a movie. He was talking to the Mobster Lucky Luciano. He said Lucky would never make any money because he dressed like a schmuck.If you look at photos of Americans strolling in the streets of any major city in the 1940s or 1930s you will see one classy looking population. Today you see tats, body piercings, purple hair, shirts hanging out, no color coordination and an overall unkempt looking appearance. Until they enter the professional world, the kids can have plenty of latitude within reason, but they must realize that wealthy executives are not covered with tattoos and body piercings !

Only in the highest executive circles or in business that require a uniform is there any hint of professionalism. In my own case a sharp well fitting suit with a great shirt and tie has people calling me boss, sir and Mr. Why would any American want to look so slovenly ? The same applies to a great haircut. Those two things have people waiting on me and whoever I am with hand and foot.

In the profession of chauffeuring in Palo Alto for example, I see supposed professional limousine drivers climbing out of the car in jeans and running shoes. My fellow Americans need to realize that they now appear to have no class at all !

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