Holiday Drivers

Around the holidays half the drivers out there are drunk and the other half are fiddling with their cell phones ! Here is what to look for: If you see the driver going about 20 miles per hour under the limit, he is probably distracted by his cell phone. These roving blockades are a real hazard when visibility is poor. Even a good driver will be surprised at how slowly some people drive when they are on the phone. This menace is ten times more dangerous when you see their right arm connected to their ear !  Even though headsets are state law, plenty of violators are out there. This is a golden opportunity for the Highway Patrol to write more tickets ! Their department is grappling with a shortage of funds and these fine officers are very needed in our state.
As to the drunk driver during the holidays, it is amazing how even purportedly smart people can make such bad decisions about drinking and driving. Weaving and crossing the lines on the road are a dead giveaway. Often they speed or drive very slowly. The holidays are supposed to be the highlight of the year, the time families and loved ones get together. If you plan to celebrate with alcoholic beverages, arrange a designated driver or a professional driver to get you home safely. You all want these special times to be the holidays, not the horror days.

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