It is time to bash American Express

American Express is in the business of hurting all the merchants in America. It is the only credit card company that charges the shopkeeper and not the card holder. They collect 3.5 % of the gross on every sale charged to their company. If the average store is making a 10% profit margin this means American Express is stealing 35% of the profits. Even the mafia does not extort a percentage like this nor does the I.R.S.  As a final insult when a dispute does arise, their rules favor the card holder who pays nothing over the merchant who gets stuck for the bill. A card holder has up to 6 months to dispute a charge for any reason. The merchant is not afforded the same six months. American Express holds the merchant’s money in Limbo for eight days after the transaction is done before it appears in the bank account of the merchant. That is the illegal holding of unlimited funds with no interest for eight days ladies and gentlemen. We took the liberty of contacting American Express executives for a response to these great injustices and plan to relay our concerns to the Attorney General. As an added measure the offices of Mark Leno, California State Senator were also contacted.  Stay tuned !

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