Kickbacks and Corruption in the Limousine Industry

It is about time the consumer gain some understanding about hotels and some travel agents in relation to the cost of limousine service. It is common practice for the concierge, doorman, bellman or desk clerk to arrange limousine service for hotel guests. A very large bribe sometimes amounting to 50 % 0f the total cost of the fare is then collected by the hotel employee. The staggering cost of doing business this way is passed on to the hapless customer ! We have had hotels call us to find out how much of a kickback we are willing to pay to get their business. Of course all these payments are in cash and no record of the transactions exist. Equally, crooked , no income is ever reported from this source. Travel agents are generally much more reasonable and professional. Their 10% commission is added to the cost of the limousine service. If you want the best limousine service in any hotel in the country, insist on the best company, not the hack outfit that pays the biggest bribe to the concierge ! It is common practice for drivers just starting out in the business to offer these bribes to hotels to get started. You are almost guaranteeing yourselves a chauffeur with little or no experience if you have the hotel refer you. Recently, a chauffeur leaving a hotel in Palo Alto asked us how to get to the airport ! Imagine your driver not knowing how to get to the airport when you are visiting a city you are completely unfamiliar with. In the name of safety and common sense we suggest you make some inquiries of your own. Enjoy your travels !

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