Life and Death in the Limousine

Yesterday 06-08-13 in the upscale senior community of Rossmoor near Walnut Creek California there was another limousine fire. The passengers were ladies in their nineties. There was no loss of life or injuries. The fire resulted in the total loss of the vehicle. Similar to the fatal fire of 05-04-13 on the San Mateo Bridge, this outcome was a dramatic shift in the final result namely no loss of life. In an orderly fashion, the chauffeur led his passengers out of the vehicle to safety The ladies successfully arranged other transportation and were able to attend a party.

The main difference in the outcome was the training and experience of the chauffeur. The fatal incident on theĀ 4th of May, the chauffeur had 6 trips to his credit and doubtfully any training. 90% of the reason for differences in rates company to company is the training and experience level of the chauffeurs. This is a point we have made to customers for years. A two month chauffeur should not ever be driving a stretch limousine. This chauffeur clearly understood the car was in duress and he clearly understood his customers and the observation of another person who saw the car smoking.

In simply doing his job, the driver in Rossmoor is a hero. The driver on the San Mateo Bridge job, should never be hired as a chauffeur again. After the trauma on that fatal day he will never be right to drive a passenger vehicle again. Even a rookie cannot panic under fire in this profession. He did not think to break a window to get the women out for example. So for all of you riding in limousines, make sure your chauffeur has enough experience !

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