Limo Fever

On the open highway, other motorists are fascinated with limousines as well as very inconsiderate around them. They will drive alongside the limousine, peering in at the chauffeur and craning their necks for a possible glimpse of the passengers. This all creates distraction and more than once has there been a near collision as the curious car strays into the limo driver’s lane. Our chauffeurs generally change lanes when this behavior starts. Passengers are entitled to their privacy when they hire a car service.
Much worse is the vehicle who follows a slow moving limousine and grows impatient or hostile. A vehicle loaded with 10 persons handles very differently on the road. Often the guests inside the limousine might be enjoying a glass of champagne on the way to the opera or another celebration. The chauffeurs job is to operate the vehicle smoothly as not to spill a single drop of that champagne. Often in sedans an executive might be operating his laptop of sending a text. He needs very smooth driving to perform his tasks.We professional drivers always drive as if we have passengers in the car. So to all the other type A motorists out there we advise you all to back off ! We brake smoothly and take turns slowly so the passengers do not feel the motion of the limo.
It is common for passengers to want to control their driver. They commonly direct their chauffeur to make last second turns. It is not because the chauffeur is a bad driver. It is because the passengers are having trouble making up their minds. So again our advice to other motorists is to avoid close proximity to limousines on the road and not to be part of the problem. This increases safety for all concerned and cuts down on those annoying car crashes !  We at Atherton Coach wish happy motoring to all !

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