Limo Service deception on the internet.

We have noticed on the internet a very popular search engine lists 283 references to Limousine services in Atherton, California. Virtually none of these companies are local concerns. Almost none of them display their State License number ( T.C.P. number on the first page of their advertisement as required by law ! ) Atherton is a tricky neighborhood as those little concrete posts serving as street signs at 05:00 A.M. in the rain can disorient an inexperienced chauffeur ! A phone call at 5:00 a.m. waking up your entire family or you personally having to direct the chauffeur to your home can ruin your experience before it even starts ! The upscale clientele of Atherton is best served with local chauffeurs, experienced chauffeurs and a company that understands the local population, geography and needs of the townspeople ! It is also easy to recognize an illegal vehicle. All limousines are required to have the TCP number on the front and rear bumper and to carry livery license plates. The word “livery” is actually on the plate. The way to recognize a taxi cab is commercial plates that are not livery, a top light on the top of the cab, and a meter inside the cab. There is no such thing as a limo taxi. Many of these illegal vehicles are not properly insured, maintained or inspected. We suggest you deal with a local company with references.

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