Long Taxi Line at SFO

Lately at SFO a long line of taxis has been observed trying to get into the airport. This long line is an indicator of very slow business and the drivers have to wait much longer for an airport fare. This is caused by winter weather and inevitable interference it causes for flight schedules and UBER, a very predatory and illegally run car service which has deprived experienced cab drivers and Limousine chauffeurs alike and replaced them with inexperienced, improperly insured and non English speaking drivers.

This long line of cabs clogs the entrance to the airport so badly that other civilian motorists trying to enter the airport cannot get into the terminal to pick up arriving passengers. The sudden congestion confuses them and the result is very much last second lane changes and jockeying for position. There are numerous collisions, honking horns and thousands of unsafe lane changes and moving violations. There must be coffee and donuts nearby as nary a cop can be seen in the middle of this. I have seen cab drivers trying to enter the airport at speeds up to 70 MPH ! When they see the traffic jam my oh my oh my !

So be careful folks. If you have never driven in a Demolition Derby, now is your chance !

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