Lowballing Prices and Rates for Limousine Service !

A very common tactic for limousine service companies is to hook the unsuspecting customer without finalizing the actual price of the services to come. We inquired with a service today that was advertising a 55.00 rate to the airport from Palo Alto. The fuel surcharge ( 4 gallons of gas ) and the 20% gratuity of 11.00 were not included in the quote ! That is a 27.00 difference for those who are counting. Also the airport surcharge was missing from the quote.

In our industry the cost of fuel, equipment and airport fees affects us the same way as the airline industry. Most of the costs are the same for every limousine company. The disparity in rates is often because of lower pay for low level or part time chauffeurs. If you are paying 20.00 less to go to the airport, expect a chauffeur with poor communication skills and poor training. The company is clearly not compensating him well.

A cheap ride to the airport usually means cheap ! Ask how long your chauffeur has been driving in your area before you book that trip !

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