Partying in Limousines

Our limousine profession is under plenty of scrutiny of late here in California ! We wish to discuss drinking in limousines and proper customer conduct. A stretch limo with a full bar, leather seats , T.V. and stereo is an expensive piece of equipment and represents the earning of a living for the driver. The car must be in good operating condition and clean to provide great customer service. Commonly when passengers drink the car is completely trashed by evenings end. The floor is littered with bottles, glasses, confetti , dirt and lord knows what else ! When a passenger becomes sick in the car, this cleanup and deodorizing can cost you a thousand dollars. Drinking responsibly includes respect for the drivers property and his ability to earn a living. Your chauffeur will pull over if you give the word ! As limousine operators our sworn duty is to get you home safe and sound. Work with us on these issues and you will be glad you did. Celebrating life with a fancy limousine is supposed to be a big deal, not an ordeal !

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