Personailzed Service

This comes when we understand the personal needs of our customers. One of our habits is to show up 10 minutes early. So if we know our customer has high blood pressure, when he looks out the window and sees the limo his blood pressure goes back down to normal !

We have a customer whom loves cats. Ringing the doorbell startles these feisty animals. They scatter about the house and knock things over. This of course puts the customer in a very bad mood indeed. This is why we stay out front and text the customer as to our status. It is things like this that please people greatly and keep it all flowing smoothly.We have several dozen customers who want no conversation in the car. Other that a good morning and how are you there is no more talk unless the customer specifically wants it. Wheelchairs, walkers and canes also warrant specific assistance to our customers as needed. All of these duties are performed with enthusiasm of course !

Chris Webster – Atherton Coach