Proper Image in the Limousine Industry

When you close your eyes and imagine a limousine with a chauffeur you envision a black car with a driver wearing a black suit. This is a simple image and should be the industry standard. The type of vehicle and the attitude of the chauffeur are extra and can often set the tone for each individual limo company. We have noticed many chauffeurs working for many companies who are very poorly attired. Nothing can depress goodwill or public trust than slovenly chauffeurs and slovenly vehicles. A little latitude is permissible with the selection of the shirt and tie. We do not believe that you the customer should expect nothing less than a professional appearing staff. Recently we saw a chauffeur at the San Francisco airport with gray slacks, bright red suspenders, a powder blue shirt, no tie and black shoes and a cap on his head resembling a cab driver from the 1920s. The car service responsible for putting this chauffeur on the road should be ashamed of themselves.

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