Recent Tragic Limousine Fire

We at Atherton Coach want the public to know that our hearts go out to the bride, wedding party and families all affected by the horrendous catastrophe that occurred on the San Mateo Bridge on the night of 5, May, 2013. No words can express our feeling of emptiness, loss and heartbreak to all involved. In twenty five years in the business and over two million miles of professional driving behind the wheel of a Lincoln Town car have I ever heard of a vehicle fire like this. Tragically whenever a disaster like this strikes, people naturally look for somebody to blame. Now it is time to keep cool heads until all the facts are in. Hundreds of thousands of jobs and a endangered industry hang in the balance. As the investigators investigate and the authorities clamor for more information, believe they will find the reason for this car fire. In the mean time being reminded of all of our own very fickle mortality, remember to show plenty of grace and compassion toward your fellow man from this day forward.

Chris Webster – President, Atherton Coach

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