Rookie Limousine Drivers !

If I ever want to punish a chauffeur, I will send him into the Lindenwood section of Atherton in a 20 passenger stretch Limousine ! This of course to be done in the dark ! The signs are virtually invisible on weathered concrete posts, many hidden in the ivy ! The only way to get a chauffeur to properly negotiate an area like this is several months of training, first in a sedan. Stretch Limousine driving is an entirely different kettle of fish and requires much more training. The airports need a thorough going over as well.
We at Atherton Coach do not have any rookie drivers. Either they have at least ten years experience or they don’t get hired. A strong indicator of experience is how many times does the car touch the line on the freeway when you are on your way to the airport, Zero times is an A, one time a B, two times a C and after that, we will not hire them. Smooth turns and braking and no herky jerky or lurching forward are other factors to look for. Being a professional chauffeur is not simply operating a car.
The founder of Atherton Coach knew an ¬†old cab driver in San Jose California. His name was Eddie Ross. By popular acclaim, he was considered the best cab driver in town. He said, ” They are all nuts. They are all out to get me. And they all fall asleep as soon as they get out of the driveway ! ” He was saying that to be a professional driver, that you must drive defensively. That is the core of our belief behind the wheel at Atherton Coach. We suggest you ask about the level of your chauffeur’s driving experience before you hire your chosen Limousine service.

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