Sensationalist Claims on the web !

Doing routine web search today, we stumbled on a company that claims to be the Number One Limousine Service in Atherton ! In 25 years we have not seen a survey of Atherton residents regarding their preferred limo carrier. Most of our loyal customers would not like it known they use any kind of service. Privacy and discretion are very important to all who live in this beautiful city. The true location of the company making these outrageous claims is far far away and they deepen the mystery with a toll free number !

We understand how desirable the people in Atherton are to be recruited as customers. This is why there are 283 listings on a very popular search engine ! If the limousine company is located in Contra Costa County, they are better off with prospects in Blackhawk, not Atherton ! With traffic the way it is in the bay area and the overall limousine industry being in decline for the last several years, we believe that some companies are painting a picture that is very far from the truth.

There is another company that claims to be the Premiere Limousine Service in Atherton ! We let the customers be our guide.We conclude that to get to Atherton, our clients can see through any type of fabrication ! In dealing with the truth every day, we never have to worry about what we say ! Summer vacation is coming. Make your plans early !

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