Surly Drivers !

I have been accused many times of siding with the workers any time I have been managed a company. People think driving a limousine is glamorous. Picking up a party at a popular bar at 2:00 AM to get them safely home then picking up an early riser at 04:30 to get him to an early departing flight is anything but glamorous. The hours are very long and can take a terrible toll on your chauffeur. If someone calls me to complain about one of our chauffeurs, it has been rare that the customer has an actual valid point.

I remember a lady from Woodside who later admitted to being very susceptible to motion sickness, drinking far too much and getting sick in the car. She railed about the chauffeurs driving. She was in the back of a long limousine on a winding mountain road. She knew this was her travel route, but failed to take any medication for her motion sickness. She was yelling at her chauffeur along the entire route in her drunkedness and arrogance. The chauffeur was not entirely thrilled with the night either !

We believe in being cheerful towards our customers. If a customer forgets to tip their driver or unjustly accuses them of wrongdoing, this cheerful mood can change. Chauffeurs are human and entitled to their dignity as much as any customer ! Everyone will enjoy their limousine experience by keeping this in mind !

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