Tales of the Loathsome Trail Chapter 1

This morning while traveling from San Francisco Airport southbound on highway 101, a car cut around me, crossed 4 lanes of traffic and sped away in the fast lane at about 90 miles an hour. About two seconds later another car did the same thing ! They were racing each other. These two kids had something to prove. They accomplished their mission. They reminded me of a song from years ago with words that say, ” I’m a fool, yessiree. I’m gonna’ live to be twenty three !”  They proved that they are first class jerks !

Highway 101 is like a fresh canvas every morning. The painters are the motorists. The rhythm of the traffic is like the pulse of a heartbeat. On a good day things move right along. There are seldom good days.  We have a good customer, a well known and well liked professor from Stanford University who has stated that she loathes highway 101. In her honor we bring you Tales of the Loathsome Trail. We will cover on a regular basis the experiences, events and lots of dialog about the many many incidents of bone headed driving we see out there ! We will tell you readers of the people, the cops, the adventures and of the insatiable maw of this awful awful roadway !

The section of road we will constantly discuss is the section of 101 that runs between Sunnyvale , California and San Francisco Airport. A lot of you who need to vent your frustration about this road to perdition will now have some real acknowledgement of that frustration ! One of the worst spots along this stretch of highway is the interchange at Marsh Road in Menlo Park. There is not enough distance to turn off of Marsh Road and accelerate onto the Freeway.In the same lane and over the same short distance, motorists are trying to slow down and get onto Marsh Road. Those on and off ramps are busier than Indy on race day.Unfortunately the vast majority are not professional race car drivers and accidents occur at that interchange daily. When this happens, the real fun begins. The traffic comes to a dead stop and you are late for work.

There are major employers along 101. People who are trying to be on time for work wear out their welcome when the traffic creates terrible tardiness. The stress that being late for work creates makes many drivers irritable and worse. There are only so many times you can use bad traffic as an excuse for being late. A scowl on the bosses face is no way to start your day. Road rage is a very real issue on highway 101. And so from this day forward we will bring you the continuing saga, trials, thrills, spills and the shenanigans of the Loathsome Trail !

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