Tales of the Loathsome Trail Chapter 2

While driving on southbound 101  (the loathsome trail) at the southbound merge at Oregon expressway and Embarcadero Road, I observed a stream of about 10 cars attempting to merge onto the freeway. They were following each other so closely that it would be impossible for any traffic already on the freeway to safely merge with them. It is amazing how single minded of purpose a motorist can become. This behavior is common in nature. A pit viper stalking its prey for example. Usually the outcome is quite deadly.

Single minded purpose like driving is equal to everybody in the symphony orchestra wanting to be a soloist. You have total discord, chaos and no positive progress and plenty of noise. A symphony only works when the people play in harmony. cooperation and take their proper turns to play. Highway 101 is a cacophony of sound rising from the pit. What happens is one of the cars has to stop suddenly because there is no room to merge onto the freeway. The car behind it is following so closely that there is a rear end collision. The third car back also collides and before you know it there are a half dozen cars involved in the crash.

This section of highway 101 sports many high achievers who use this stretch of automotive zoo to get to work. A C.E.O. of a publicly traded company is just as likely to be behind you as the bus boy of a chain restaurant. The type of car might let you on to the type of person driving it, but they take the same amount of space on the freeway and the whole thing happens only with a spirit of working together. Normally when I change lanes, I make my intent known a quarter mile in advance by turning on the turn signal.  Drivers who understand how to make the highway function correctly match my speed and create the space for me by moving up or hanging back. Then there is the motorist who deliberately speeds up to close the distance to the car in front of him so you cannot make your merge. You look over to him because he cut you off and you actually see the slight smile on his lips. Oh how the billous hatred and resentment rises up in your throat !

The driving of the people on the loathsome trail speaks volumes about the psychological profile of our citizens. Drivers who refuse to cooperate and only think of themselves are painfully obvious on the road. The fellow doing 45 in the middle of the road with his cell phone pressed to his ear is a glaring example of what I am talking about.Or the person who drives 20 over the limit and constantly darts in and out of traffic, changing lanes like Mario Andretti. Enjoy your day, all as our holiday approaches and stay tuned for your next episode of Tales of the Loathsome Trail !

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