Tales of the Loathsome Trail Chapter 3

There are 2 ways to travel on the loathsome trail. There is the OMG method. You see this when the little kid has his face pressed to the glass at the rear window of the car or SUV grinning at you and waving. This is something we all did as children. Oh my gosh – OMG is an expression of childhood innocence for a time when we were not driving and exposed to the rigors of the loathsome trail. The adult alternative is OG. This applies to the poor devils who have to drive this nightmare every day. OG is Oh God, the reality check we get when somebody cuts us off or worse !

You are driving along in the number three lane. This is the lane next to the right lane a you see some idiot run a blitzkrieg from the fast lane to the freeway exit ! You see several people slam on their brakes. Or worse you see the collision or heaven forbid you are involved in it. The driver who was missing his exit put several lives at risk, but making that exit was more important. It is truly amazing how fanatical drivers are about not missing the exit. When they jockey for position to cut across those lanes, they are inches away from the other cars. Putting this in writing should prove useful to those who make a practice of this. The first part of solving a problem is to recognize it.

Leaving early – providing that 15 minute cushion will take away the stress of missing an exit. Usually it is possible to take the next exit and double back. On one occasion we saw a crazy man miss his exit and attempt the Kamikazee move across all lanes of traffic. One person did not see his move and swerved to avoid him. They they both swerved into the Highway Patrolman who was parked on the side of the exit lane apparently issuing a citation. The officer was fine. His car looked like a half moon !

When driving on the loathsome trail be reminded not to be fiddling with your electronic devices. These things happen at the drop of a hat. Being late for work because your car got mushed is infinitely worse than missing an exit ! Keep your ears and eyes open as you continue to read the unfolding tales of the loathsome trail.

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