The Continuing Saga of UBER

UBER, the darling of Wall Street, continues to defy rules, laws and the safety of their customers with brazen flouting. Because the customers believe it is  great deal for them, very likely UBER is here to stay. Too bad their drivers are continuing to earn less and less money each pay period. Too bad their drivers never have the chance to voice any concerns to a human being; just an email or computer. Too bad UBER has no dress code to the point that they make cab drivers look well dressed. Too bad many of their drivers have such a poor command of English that they cannot read road signs.Even more sad is the myriad of well trained experienced drivers who wear ties and black suits have been forced to compete with these ruffians. Now the consumers have blinders on.

How many of you consumers out there would take kindly to a 50% pay decrease ? Every time you step into an UBER car, this is what you are asking your driver to do.

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