The death knell of UBER

Egad friends, UBER is in the news. It turns out one of their drivers ran over a 6 year old kid. According to UBER the driver was not out on an UBER call. This will prove to be very interesting as UBER in every way is a taxicab service. That is like saying a yellow cab that is not on a call is not liable. In slick underhanded fashion UBER does not want to face the same liabilities as a taxicab service. In all the major municipalities in the U.S. where taxicabs are regulated and UBER operates this flouting of responsibility is going on.
UBER drivers get their calls from an application on their cell phones and often are driving while receiving their orders. This constitutes texting while driving. So UBER drivers at this point have no cab permit, no medallion, no top light on the vehicle, no meter in the vehicle, text while driving constantly, no required driver training and the beat goes on. To top it all off they charge twice taxicab rates ! It is no wonder a beautiful innocent child was run over.
The hoodwinking of the public and shirking their duty to pay their fair share of permit fees to the the cities where they operate is only the beginning. Eventually when some politician gets injured in an UBER car then it will dawn on the American people that something is rotten in Denmark !

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