The Driver with Tunnel Vision

When driving day after day after day, especially in Palo Alto, Menlo Park and Atherton one becomes acutely aware of everything all around you. On the freeways drivers change lanes without looking and without signaling. If they are heading straight for the side of your car because they did not look, you need to have seen that coming. All cars are equipped with horns. The most important reason for this is to let the driver who does not see you know that you are there. Do not use your horn exclusively for expressing your annoyance or building road rage !
Your horn will save lives. It is the buffer between you and the motorist asleep at the wheel to prevent terrible destruction and death. When you are going the wrong way on a road and somebody honks at you, don’t take it so personally. After all it is YOU that were in the wrong. You should be apologetic and not defensive. No matter how good we all think we are at driving , mistakes happen.It takes maturity to responsibly operate a motor vehicle. At 4 dollars a gallon cars are expensive to drive and expensive to repair. At all times on the road, you are dealing with the potential to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to another’s property by causing an accident. If you were a guest in somebody’s home, would you act in such a cavalier fashion ?
Because we are professional chauffeurs at Atherton Coach and have between one and two million miles of commercial driving for each chauffeur we are qualified to make such statements. Please for the sake of all of us, keep your eyes on the road, make sure people see you and no more tailgating. Leave earlier for your destinations so that traffic jams will not stress you out. Drive safely !

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