The Major Causes of Auto Accidents

The five top chauffeurs on our staff have ten million miles of commercial driving experience in a car or limousine ! In our new age of technology we all agree that freeway driving has gotten much worse. Using cell phones, tablets, television sets and texting while driving takes your eyes off the road. In a split second traffic conditions can dramatically change. Mothers, driving their children around in S.U.Vs with their cell phones in their hand, talking to their friends while driving in school zones in Menlo Park are particularly upsetting.

We chauffeurs agree that the following are the major causes of accidents on the freeways:

  • Distractions in the car
  • Following too closely
  • Driving too slowly
  • Making unsafe lane changes

We experienced a case of a motorist driving on highway 101 in Palo Alto at 40 miles an hour in the middle of the road while traffic was at the limit. Upon close inspection, there he was jabbering on his cell phone , right hand and arm up to his ear like some sort of appendage. He was so engrossed in his call, he did not notice the honking horns and gestures from all the other motorists. Often, cell phones are at the heart of all of this poor driving. The distraction is too much to overcome. We see the carnage every single day. In the rain, people drive too fast ! Our advice to the people is to boot up the headset first before getting in the car, leave fifteen minutes earlier to avoid rushing and to concentrate on your driving ! Nobody is going to die if they do not answer the phone, but could foolishly squander their very lives fiddling with these devices while driving. Leaving fifteen minutes early gives everyone a chance to catch up on their calls and emails in the parking lot at their destination,. Happy and safe motoring to all !

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