The scourge of Uber

Uber is a very efficient way to move executives around. The customer calls in, a car shows up in minutes, usually a black town car with a driver in a black suit and the executive is at his destination promptly. It all sounds terrific. These vehicles are licensed as limousines. The P.U.C. ( Public Utilities Commission ) is responsible for the regulation of said vehicles as well of enforcement of the rules. One of these rules is that transportation arrangements need to be made in advance. Instead the Uber way is to send the car in response to the request like a dispatched taxi call. There is a 15.00 minimum charge and the tip to the driver is billed automatically. The rates are twice taxi rates. Each request is not pre-arranged, violating the rules and taking business and chauffeurs away from the limousine companies and taxi companies as well.

We have observed Uber drivers loitering around the airport until they get a request for a car there denying business to both the limousine and taxi industry . Needing a car right away is what taxis are for. Uber service is taxi service in a nicer car and a more smartly attired driver.  At the end of the ride, the driver is required to have a way bill ( a copy of the pre arranged transportation document )  This document needs to be in the car at all times. It needs to be presented to you the customer as a receipt. Uber drivers don’t have way bills. Uber’s plan is ingenious, but unfair competition and unfair to the drivers who are paid less than professional chauffeurs with established limousine companies.  It is a matter of time before Uber’s methods are put to the test in court. Stay tuned !

Uber is yet another example of how our evolving technology has cost 50 million jobs in America in the last 5 years. People buy so many products on line these days that many stores have gone out of business. Video conferencing on line has slowed business travel by 80 %. One hundred employees at and another 100 at Federal express can do the work of 10,000 stores. Many of the Uber drivers are operating outside the legal bounds of the limousine industry. They are operating like taxis with no meter and no top light, both illegal in the eyes of the P.U.C. Until there is a new set of rules, Uber at present is operating illegally.

We have observed on a fairly extensive a large percentage of Uber drivers to be entry level contractors with very little experience. We additionally have observed many drivers with poor verbal skills. As it is now, by not following all the rules, this great force known as Uber will cost us many many jobs for years to come. When you do need a limousine for an important function expect the prices to go way way up ! We wish the best of luck to all the travelers and the carriers as well as this whole matter settles out in good time ! At this time Uber spells death to the limousine industry.

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