Traffic Affecting Rates !

Traffic in Silicon Valley is now out of control during rush hour. Marsh Road which runs through Menlo Park and Atherton is a major commute route. It ends at Middlefield Road in Atherton. To get from HIghway 101 and Marsh to Marsh and Middlefield took 40 minutes on a Friday morning. Normally this takes five minutes. Along Middlefield Rd. There are two schools that complicate things further.The numerous soccer Moms clog everything around the schools with huge S.U.V. type vehicles as they drop of their kids. The limousine industry is going to have to charge more for rush hour trips because of the huge differences in travel time.

Many of the high tech companies in Menlo Park, Palo Alto and Mountain View are now quite global It makes good sense to spread out required times to report to work over a 24 hour period instead of a 2 hour window. Since the majority of high payng jobs are in the high tech industry, It is time for our business leaders to make the change in the interest of sanity !

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