UBER is in the news !

UBER, the scourge and malignant tumor that threatens both the taxi and limousine industry has individual drivers that have developed some mighty predatory techniques. All over San Francisco Airport the drivers bare parked illegally alongside the entrance ramps, breakdown lanes, cell phone areas and let’s not forget on the actual curbs attempting to entice passengers into their cars. Finally LAX threw them out. I hope the UBER drivers with their ever decreasing earnings continue to flout the law in this way. Being the barracudas that they are the arrogance and disregard for the rules spells doom !
UBER does not seem to care about the business appearence of it’s drivers. I have met numerous UBER drivers who do not communicate well enough in english to qualify as a driver in my company. I am now seeing sandals, Levis and pull over shirts. Completely forget the days of black suits folks. UBER has turned this profession into a turkey shoot set in the days of the wild wild west . Next we will have our doctors in tennis shorts and flannel shirts performing heart bypass surgery ! What is this world coming to ?
We at Atherton Coach boast an owner who has over 2 million miles of commercial driving with a group of talented chauffeurs all with a minimum level of experience of ten years. Happy Trails !

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