UBER UBER Everywhere !

Egad, friends ! There are now officially more lawsuits against UBER that I can count.
 Why do the consumers flock to this company for service ? Because in many cases they have a complete business advantage over other companies because flagrant flouting of the law. A customer of mine was in New York at the airport. He needed a cab. He was told there was a 45 minute wait for taxis at that time. He called UBER. They appeared in five minutes. The taxis have to take all of the fares even the three dollar fares during rush hour. UBER has a fifteen dollar minimum. The drivers station themselves around airports and Industrial parks and wait for a call. All the other cab drivers have to wait their turn at the airports. UBER customers cheerfully pay twice cab meter rates. Now even in Europe, UBER spreads with business tactics not unlike the blitzkrieg.
Well folks, UBER is going to come up against City Hall pretty soon now on a nationwide basis. They have shaken the Limousine and the taxi business to the core and threaten oblivion to both industries. Something has got to give !

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