Unprofessional Appearence

“Nothing can depress public good will more than slovenly staff or slovenly quarters.”  Not many Americans know where this quote comes from. L. Ron Hubbard, the Scientology founder used it when referring to his church officers interfacing with the public. We have to look no farther than our own President of the United States and our churches to see how pathetic the American people look when out in public. Compare this to the !930s, when although in the grip of a terrible economic depression, the people dressed smartly.

Today when I put on a suit with a well coordinated shirt and tie, the people call me sir, Mr. or boss.. When I dress like most American men, I receive no such attention. So I put it to the men in our country. Do you want to be treated with respect or like a sack of potatoes ? This has nothing to do with money. It has to do with self respect and respect for others. In matters of business, you always want to look your best. Here in Silicon Valley, with the High Tech firms bursting at the seams with bright young people much of the staff dresses so poorly, they look almost destitute.

The President of the United States, generally regarded as the leader of the free world always wore a hat, making him look almost regal. It will be very interesting to see how our first lady president dresses before the American people. If any of the first ladies can be considered as a potential candidate, in general the women have shown that they know how to dress. You men out there are a disgrace !  Much more on this topic later.

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