Using Your Turn Signal

Something very serious has happened to our newest generation of drivers. They do not signal when they change lanes or make turns. On top of that they do not look before executing their maneuver ! This produces terrible and tragic accidents. After two million miles of commercial professional driving I estimate 50 % have forgotten to use their turn signals. Another 25 % use the signal as they are making their move. This is absolutely worthless in traffic. This means the remaining 25 % of drivers who do use their turn signals properly must be mind readers.
The rules of the road are very clear in California. You must signal at least 100 feet before you make a lane change. If the Highway Patrol issued citations around failure to signal properly on the freeways, there would be no state deficit. Playing with and texting on electronic devices in the car means your other hand is on the steering wheel hopefully. This would explain why people are not signaling. If the Highway Patrol cracks down on the fiddlers on their phones the state will enjoy a surplus. Think of how our roads and schools would improve with the added revenue ! Also thing of how everybody’s risk of injury increases with this dereliction of driving skills. We at Atherton Coach encourage everyone to signal properly while driving to ensure a harmonious cooperation on the road.

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