When the Cops Pull You Over !

You are driving along with passengers in the car and you get pulled over by a Police Officer and you know darn well why don’t you ?  Usually it is a mundane moving violation and the cop believes that you are supposed to be a professional driver and there is no excuse. When he is walking up to your window, this is is what is in his mind. Now what do you tell him ?  If you lie, he will write the ticket. If you ask him if he has something better to do, he will write the ticket. If you ask for a warning , he will say OK. ” I am warning you  if you do that again , I will have to give you another ticket ! “. These guys have heard it all gentlemen !

Better is ” How fast did you clock me ? “. The officer tells you some horrible number and you agree with him that it is not too good. Then you tell him that you have a perfect driving record and ask if he might consider giving you just a warning this time. You have admitted your guilt and thrown your mercy on the court. Some drivers avoid tickets about 70% of the time with this honest approach. A bad ticket can double the price of your limo insurance. You also have to ask yourself why you attracted the attention of a Police Officer with passengers in the car !

Weather you like them or not, the officers job is to keep people alive and safe. Always treat them with courtesy and respect no matter when you think. We chauffeurs and Police officers alike are entitled to our dignity. Happy driving out there, folks !

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