Why Limo Drivers Drive So Slowly

The best person I ever met in the Limo business explained to me that you want to drive the car like you have a glass of champagne on the back seat and you do not want to spill a single drop. I am inclined to agree with that statement. If you want to consider yourself a professional chauffeur, your customers are entitled to a smooth ride. On a winding mountain road, this proves to be a much bigger challenge. Motorists who approach the limo from behind on such a road often honk, curse, flash the brights or perform very dangerous passing exercises ! It is very difficult to operate such a car in Alpine conditions.

The safety of the passengers in the limousine trumps any anxiety or impatience of the driver following behind. A big Lincoln does not handle like a Maserati ! For the sake of safety and human survival we would like the impatient motorists of the world to show a little grace and compassion for the professional chauffeur behind the wheel of the huge limousine. Drive like you have your mother in the car folks !

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